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The registry of testing laboratories and certification bodies of the Eurasian Economic Union

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The “National Accreditation Body” of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Armenia is a non-profit governmental organization which provides accreditation services to conformity assessment bodies within the Republic of Armenia.

The aims of accreditation are the following:

1) to officially certify the competence of the conformity assessment bodies for providing certain types of conformity assessment services

2) to contribute to the improvement of the capacities and services of the conformity assessment bodies in the Republic of Armenia, increase consumer confidence in the results of conformity assessment activities;

3) to ensure the accreditation of the conformity assessment bodies through bringing the procedures in line with the international accreditation systems by eliminating technical barriers for trading

4) to create conditions for the international recognition of performance of the national accreditation body and the conformity assessment bodies accredited by it.

Accreditation is based on the following principles:

1) legality;

2) voluntarism (unless other requirement is specified by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia);

3) equal rights for all interested parties;

4) independence;

5) impartiality;

6) transparency;

7) professionalism;

8) confidentiality of information acquired in the accreditation process;

9) application of accreditation requirements harmonised with international and regional standards.

The accredited conformity assessment bodies shall be as follows:

1) testing and calibration laboratories;

2) product certification bodies;

3) management system certification bodies;

4) certification bodies of natural persons;

5) bodies carrying out technical inspection;

6) other conformity assessment bodies performing conformity assessment activities.

The accreditation process of the conformity assessment bodies shall be carried out in accordance with legislation of RA, other legal acts and international ISO/IEC 17000 standards.