November 21, 2012

about us

Our company founded as a small council in 1996 coincide with Italian Trade Commission (ICE) advisors travel to Armenia for investment & finance development project (economy, agriculture, industry & natural potentials) in Eurasian countries specially Armenia. In 2002 it developed to a company then it merged with 4 other companies and registered as IMIB Co. (international marketing, investment & Business Company). Finally in 2005 its name changed into “impowerist” and now it is known by everyone “Porter Co.”
Nowadays, we are specialized in marketing with experts in Russia, Armenia, Georgia, Canada, EU & US and supervising contracts in which two parties achieve their goals surely.
The main goals of the company from the beginning until now:
1) Recognition the quality of goods produced in the country.
2) Introducing industrial goods and high quality agricultural products of Central Asian countries: Armenia, Georgia and Afghanistan to Russia, EU & US.
3) Introducing goods through international exhibitions and partner companies in Russia, EU & US.
4) The proper guidance of the owners of industries, rural cooperatives, individuals and legal entities, and directing the proper investment on industry and agriculture.
5) Advising customers to obtain international standards.
6) Advising to purchase any product, equipment and device from Italy and France.
7) Obtaining exclusive agents from well-known Italian and French companies.

Company honors:
1) 2006: Awarded by the Board of the International Conference of Top Iranian Brands, for consulting
2) 2007: Consultant of the Organization of Border Markets and Trade Union of Iranian Khorasan Province on Export to Armenia.
3) 2007: Honorary guest at the conference “the role of marketers in the field of development”.
4) 2009: Honorary counselor of the Italian Foreign Trade Development Agency in the Caucasus affairs (CEO).
5) 2010: Organizer member of the International Brand Conference (Managing Director).
6) 2010: Appreciation from the representative of the Italian Foreign Trade Development Agency.
7) 2010: Honored by the Research Center of the Iranian Parliament for contributing to the book “Economics of the Nazareth” (CEO).
8) February 2011: Awarded by the Municipality of Tehran’s 2nd District at the first National Environmental Education Conference.
9) February 2011: Awarded as the Best Foreign Trade Advisor by the Iranian Trade Development Organization.
10) 2011: Secretary of International Affairs of the “International Conference for Supporting the Earth” (CEO).